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Sleek and stylish, our rockers are the perfect complement to your nursery, bedroom or living area, inviting you to relax and take a seat.
We are pleased to debut our two new rockers, Nova and Senza, which are stylish and ergonomic and are suitable not only for the nursery, but for any room in the home providing consumers with an added value.
Both rocker frames are available in any finish in the current Natart, NEST, TULIP or Leander product lines enabling you to match the chair to your nursery furniture.
Who knows, Dad may just find ‘baby duty’ more appealing!

Product Features

Shared Features for Nursing Chairs
  • Made in Canada
  • 100% Solid Wood - interior components, frames and bases
Senza Rocker   
  • Frame Structure
    • 100% Solid Wood (Oak) = Increased Stability & Longevity
    • Brushed Oak Finish with a white patina
    • Matches any Natart, NEST or TULIP brushed oak or fir finishes
  • Adjustable Height Arm Rests/Bolsters (up to 2.5") due to repositionable arm bolsters = Provides shoulder support & better inclination for nursing.  Facilitates comfort for taller occupants.
  • Bolster Cushions on Arms = ideal armrest for nursing, providing extra support & comfort.
  • Balanced rocking motion with Rear Stopper
  • Classic, rustic design = Facilitates integration into other areas of the home, prolonging longevity.
  • Frame Structure
    • 100% Solid Wood (Oak) = Increased Stability & Longevity
    • Brushed oak finish with a white patina

Product Wood Finishes

Black Chalet
Grey Chalet
White Chalet

Product Upholstery

Fog Linen Weave
Talc Linen Weave
White Bonded Leather